red balloonI love life, in every way possible and I enjoy the pursuit of happiness. It could be found through the song of a bird in the morning, the sound and smell of a fresh rain, the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the warmth of the sand, the laughter of a child, or the smiling embrace of a friend. I seek beauty in all things, and as I look for it in everyday life, I find that it too seeks me out. Through this infinite inspiration, my spirit is constantly reminded of all that is precious, and beautiful, which is what I try to convey through my art. My goal is to share what I see, and feel…and that my hope is that you will feel something too.Thank you for stopping by, Danita Lyn


Mixed Media-Uncovering Arts & Culture in Polk County

As a Mixed Media artist, I truly enjoy creating multiple styles of art.  Many times, I hear people say “I wish I could do what I love…”.  Well, I’m here to tell you…you can! I share some of my thoughts on this video and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. Mixed Media-Uncovering Arts & Culture in Polk County highlights some of the emerging artists in our Central Florida area.  It is a thrill to see all of the diversity in our area.  My little part is at about 20:15, sharing my thoughts about how important art is in my life. A BIG Thanks to Kerri Gilpin Percy for inviting me! Enjoy!


The Artist Within

A few years back, I had an art gallery called The Artist Within in downtown Lakeland, FL.  A local writer, Chuck Welch, wrote a story about our little gallery.  You can read about it here. “Have you discovered The Artist Within?”



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