Pssssst…There’s a BOGO Sale Going On!

Hello Friends! I have been cleaning up The Big Shop (my online store) and polishing up the pages. It looks SO much better!!! I also added some new Art Prints, and Original Art!


To celebrate I’ve decided to run a BOGO sale on my Art Prints!  It’s a great time to get 2 for 1!  You can give one as a gift….Mother’s Day is coming up…and keep one for yourself!

SALE RUNS THROUGH WEDNESDAY!!! Hurry on over and see what’s in The Big Shop BOGOART


I appreaciate  your support. I really don’t intend to be a starving artist, and with your support, I won’t have to!


New Art Classes on the Calendar

yummy paint color

Making art has been part of my life for many years… well as teaching. I truly enjoy showing and sharing the fun of creativity. When students come into an art classroom, there is often a bit of nervousness and doubt. My goal is to put them at ease and explain that we are just going to ‘play’ with the art supplies.


It is such a pleasure to see them relax and have fun.  With most of my classes, we are working with very forgiving mediums, and creating projects that are more about the process than the end product.


I am always delighted at the end of the class to see happy faces and incredible finished products.

Here are some pics of the upcoming classes. Click on the image to learn more about the classes.

Lighthouse Mini - 04 by Danita Lyn

OH MARIE PIC 726260_1077333460781_7234090_n 100_3080


Come and join in one of our classes at Creative Cove Studio.  We’d love to see you!