Be True To Your Divine Self

thank-you-hands-GratitudeThere have been many times in my life when I have had to just stop and say THANK YOU to the Universe for the gifts bestowed upon me.  My life has not been easy, but it has been blessed.

One of the most recent blessings is my new art studio at Creative Cove Studio in Sarasota, FL. Now that I have a studio again, I have been able to paint more.

Be True To Your Divine SelfAnother blessing is the gift of this painting Be True To Your Divine Self.  After reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I was reminded that all I had to do was show up, be present, and let the Universal Energies come through me. I had to surrender…..and I did.

The day that I began this painting, I stepped up to the canvas with no ‘painting’ in sight. It was just me and the blank canvas. I poured some of my favorite colors of paint on my palette, burned some sage, played some of my favorite music and began to just ‘dance’ with the creative vibes. I started making marks, blending colors, letting my brush play on the canvas. I got my fingers into the paint too, and felt the joy of creating like a child again. I allowed my thoughts to just wander, and not focus on the artwork.  I let the Magick in!!!!

At one point, I stepped back to grab some more paint and looked at the canvas from a distance….and there she was dancing right out of the paint…calling to me…the Divine Feminine Energy called to me and I answered.  I danced with her. I allowed her to show me where she wanted to take the painting….and we danced and we played late into the night.yummy paint color

After several painting sessions like that one, more magick flowed through my brushes.  The nudges from her whispered ‘do this’ and ‘try that’. I explored, and fearless made marks as she guided me to paint her message.

As more of the painting developed, she showed me symbols, and shapes to add that were indicative of the Divine Feminine. My paint brushes glided across the canvas like butter, like they knew exactly what to do, and how to do it. All I had to do was allow it.


Divine Feminine Shape

The Divine Feminine Shape – 8 = Infinity


Vesica Pisces

Vesica Pisces – Sacred symbol for the womb

Lotus Flower - Danita Lyn

Lotus Flower – Divine Feminine Beauty and Manifestation

12 Archangels and Trinity

12 White Lites – Represent the 12 Archangels of Creation – who together, when their energies combined become the sacred 13. Trinity – Blue rings symbolize the Trinity of the Divine Feminine energies.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle is the alchemy symbol for water/flow. It is also the symbol for Femininity. (See the Grandmother Spirit peeking out of the clouds?)

I added the Cosmos in the background because that IS Divine Feminine. As I was painting the clouds in the lower right hand corner this face was staring back at me. See the Grandmother Spirit there in the picture above? I did not paint that. I was painting clouds. She formed in between my brush strokes(Magick!). I left her just as she created herself….right there in my painting.

Throughout the process, and even now that I am done, there has been Gratitude. Gratitude for all of the steps that it took to get me here,  to this point. Gratitude for all of the life lessons, and journeys and adventures that helped me get to the place in my life where I am AWARE of these things. Gratitude for letting me be an artist in the truest nature by helping me to Be True to My Own Divine Self. And most of all, Gratitude for letting me be the one to create this amazing Divine painting!


This Magickal painting titled Be True To Your Divine Self is for sale in my shop. Perhaps she is calling to you….just like she did to me.

This painting is now offered in my Big Shop.

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